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What Do Kids Learn at Dream Big Preschool VPK?

There is a growing acceptance among parents and educators that it’s vital to use the years before Kindergarten to give children the foundation they need for school success later in life. By promoting physical activity, healthy eating, and early learning, Dream Big Preschool helps kids to develop physically and mentally. Look at the curriculum for Dream Big Preschool and discover what children learn when they come to VPK.

As more people became aware of the benefits of early education program, there has been a lot of research done into which programs work the best and what skills can children realistically learn before they enter kindergarten. In Florida, that research was used to create the Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards.

These standards are comprehensive and contain age-appropriate information and reflect the best practices for early education as we know them. The guidelines are periodically updated based on the latest research and the results from kids currently using programs that utilize these standards. The Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards for Four-Year-Olds create a common framework and language for providers of both the School Readiness and VPK programs. Because Dream Big Preschool uses these up-to-date standards, you know your child is getting a comprehensive education that will help them succeed when they enter traditional school.

At Dream Big Preschool, we use a combination of Kaplan Learn Every Day™, along with the Creative Curriculum with the Florida Department of Education’s Early Learning and Developmental Standards. Kaplan Learn Every Day™ is a program developed by Kaplan, a company you may know from making text prep books, like ones for the SATs. Kaplan created this program based on the latest research on how children learn best.Furthermore, all of the 36 thematic units are aligned to Head Start Outcomes, School Readiness Goals, and State Early Childhood Standards.

The Kaplan Learn Every Day™ curriculum costs $149 at a minimum and can go as high as $300, so getting these materials included in your child's VPK at Dream Big Preschool is an added value for the parent. This Kaplan-exclusive program has 36 themes and over 1,300 activities to help 4-and-5-year-olds prepare for school. And for kids that like to learn through songs (you know you remember School House Rock), there's also a music CD with 18 education-related songs. The program even has materials for special needs adaptations & ESL tips for teachers. Between our staff's training, the Florida Department of Education's Early Learning and Development Standards, and the Kaplan Every Day™ program, Dream Big Preschool is fully prepared to prepare small children for their first years of school.

Many people think of VPK as just another daycare program, but that sentiment is far from the truth. Educators have learned a lot over the past few decades about the importance of early education, and the techniques to use to give children the head start they need to succeed in school.

Find out how you can enroll your child in the Dream Big Preschool by looking at the prospective parent resources on our website. And if you any questions about Dream Big Preschool, send us a message online.

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