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VPK Walk-Through Graduation of 2020!!!!

Dear Parents,

Since we were not able to have a formal VPK graduation ceremony this year, we will be hosting a "Walk-Through VPK Graduation" for our VPK class of 2020!

The "Walk-Through VPK Graduation" will be in the lobby of our school (Dream Big Preschool 6151 Silver Star Rd. Orlando, FL 32808) on Friday, June 26th between 12 PM and 2PM.

It will be an opportunity for parents and students to:

1. Come to the Preschool to pick up a Certificate and treat

2. Take pictures in front of our Graduation Board to celebrate this milestone

3. Pick up any leftover work and give a proper goodbye to teachers, staff, and students

Due to COVID 19, we will be limiting the number of people in the lobby during this photo opportunity for families. We are limiting a party to no more than 5 people. We highly encourage the use of masks and continued social distancing. Please feel free to call the front office (407-602-1313) with any additional questions or concerns.

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