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Update School Is Now Scheduled To Reopen on Monday, May 18th


We pray that you are keeping yourselves and your families safe during this challenging time.

We had the opportunity to conduct a parent and staff survey last week and as a direct result of that survey, we are extending our school closure and look forward to reopening on Monday, May 18th.

As of today, Florida Governor DeSantis announced a plan to slowly reopening Florida with phase one to start on Monday, May 4th. We hope by the time our new scheduled reopening date of Monday, May 18th comes, we will all have more confidence to be able to return to back to school.

Key Findings From Our Parent Survey:

  • 60% of our parents ARE still working.

  • Only 30% of our parents say that they need childcare right now

  • 90% of our parents currently have their child staying at home or with a relative to keep them safe during this pandemic.

  • 85% of our parents prefer that we NOT open until at least June 1st.

  • All parents (like us!) want to make sure when we reopen that we take as many precautions as we can.

What we will be doing to ensure safety when we reopen:

  • We will be following the new CDC ratio requirements of a maximum of 10 people per classroom (9 students plus the teacher)

  • We will continue with student and staff temperature checks when they come into the lobby

  • We will continue hand washing for staff and students as soon as they walk into the lobby

  • All staff will wear masks.

  • We have purchased a disinfectant fogging machine (similar to the machine in this video: and 900 gallons of sanitizer to fully disinfect every surface (furniture, floors/carpets, walls, etc…) on a nightly basis.

4C/School Readiness Parents: 4C has advised us that because of the Coronavirus, parents do NOT need to take a break in service. Currently, if you do NOT need to transfer to a new school, you do NOT have to do anything since 4C understands that many schools had to close temporarily.

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