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Tips For Choosing The Right Summer Camp For Your Child

For parents and caregivers of children, the upcoming summer season is steeped in planning and preparing for kids' activities when school is out. Summer camps are popular choices of programs for parents seeking to provide structured activities for their kids while they are home for summer break. However, choosing the perfect summer camp for your child can be daunting.

Finding a summer camp that suits your child's interests and personality while meeting your needs as a caregiver is overwhelming, especially if you have multiple children for which to plan. Here are some tips to help you zero in on the summer camp that offers unparalleled opportunities for learning and social growth for your child and a program that meets your family's needs.

Tip #1: Start With The Basics

To choose the right summer camp program, start with the basics. A camp program must meet your child's needs and those of your own to be a successful experience for your family. Consider your child's specific personality, interests, and personal needs.

While a valuable summer camp experience should engage your child in new experiences, you don't want to send them to an entirely out of their wheelhouse program. For example, sending an artsy kid to a sports camp may not be the best fit, yet a camp that exposes them to various new arts activities may encourage growth and confidence.

Tip #2: Consider Your Child's Summer Schedule

Your family's summer schedule must be considered when choosing the perfect summer camp. Determine if you need to fill multiple weeks of your child's break or if you only need a few days covered throughout the summer. Consistency at camp is key to making your summer less hectic, so booking multiple weeks at the same camp will keep you on a stress-free schedule.

Booking multiple weeks at the same summer program will strengthen your child's bond with campers and staff, giving them a more well-rounded experience.

Tip #3: Logistics Of Your Summer

Over the summer break, summer camps should support you, not leave you stressed out and panicked. When looking at summer programs for your child, consider your own needs and those of other family members. Make a list of what you need from a summer camp to simplify your and your family's lives. Determine your work schedule, other children's activities schedules, commute to camp, and the camp's protocols.

A camp that offers extended hours of care may work better with your needs than one that does not, and a camp that provides programs for a range of ages may fit your family's needs better than driving several kids to different camps. Also, consider your budget for summer camps and what is included in a camp's pricing.

Final Thoughts

Summer camps should not only keep your child engaged and happy over summer break but also provide support for you and meet your family's specific needs.

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