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Three Incredibly Important Components Of A Preschool Business

What separates a good preschool from one that is just “okay?”

It's something the parents think about quite a lot as they make choices in where to send their children, and how to manage a growing family.

It's something that we think about, too, and we think that every preschool should have this kind of consideration in mind as they craft their business model and fill their building with joy every day. Otherwise, how do you know that you are really providing for the kids in the best way possible?


Yes, preschool is a fairly broad program, and it's not necessary to micromanage the little students – they need lots of free time and lots of playtime, and that's actually extremely important.

What's good, though, is to have some very basic learning processes integrated into the day, and some structure throughout the day. Otherwise you're really just warehousing children over an 8 hour or 10 hour day, and that doesn't really bring the best value that can be brought to the situation.

So really, at the end of the day, what's important is a balanced approach, and we have professionals who help put that together. We think about how your child experiences each day at our center, and that makes all of the difference in crafting a good experience.


Another major concern is site safety, and how things will work smoothly throughout the day.

That's where buying those neat little chairs and tables is a particular important task in building a daycare center or preschool center.

If you’ve seen the kinds of small toilet and sink installations that preschool bathrooms have, that's another component.

The point is that creating the right infrastructure sets the stage for success. Thinking about it from a kid’s perspective helps, too!

Good Socialization

This is the “soft science” part of the preschool business model, but we agree, and we think most people agree, that this is critically important.

As you build your business, you have to think about seeing it through a child's eyes, and how to accommodate every child into a place where they feel safe and welcome.

Then you can build from that solid foundation!

So that's another kind of work that we put into the process.

Take a look at the web site and ask us any questions about how best to serve your growing family!