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The Resources Of Learning

What's involved in running a top-tier preschool center?

Part of it involves looking at specific research around scientific child development. That’s a component of the background that makes a learning center so great!

Here, we adapt our curriculum to these standards to become compliant and create a real satisfactory learning environment for children.

Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards

On our website, you can find the Florida early learning and developmental standards for four-year-olds that we use to guide our programs. You can see that the state uses five domains or categories to approach this issue:

One is physical development, where physical activity can play a role. Another is approaches to learning, where tested curriculum provides a basis for support. Another is social and emotional development in which we provide an appropriate social atmosphere for students.

The fourth standard is language communication and emergent literacy, which deals with the nuts and bolts of learning to read and write. By assisting in benchmarking these accomplishments, we help to prepare children for their scholastic careers. The fifth is cognitive development in general knowledge. Here's where we’re looking more broadly on applied logic and other kinds of skills.

More Resources

You can also take a look at the gallery to see how our classrooms are set up, and how we approach learning in a professional way.

What you'll see is a structured approach to curriculum that helps kids to be prepared for what they will deal with later in life. A good head start is extremely valuable to any young person, and we recognize this with a philosophy that includes staffing the best instructors, creating the best curriculum and investing in the school in ways that support our students well.

You can also see some of the context of our school’s work in the community on a social and emotional level. Public events and more add to the learning opportunities your child has, and tie our school into the communities where we work.

On the web, you can also find rates, take a virtual tour of the school, or get more information on our summer camp flier for this year. You get a glimpse into how the school works and what we do day-to-day. Other prospective parent resources are also on the site, making it easier for people to get acquainted and move toward enrollment. Here at Dream Big School, we don't babysit, we teach, and we've been rated the best daycare in Orlando, Florida, something we’re very immensely proud of. Talk to us about placing your child or children in a great learning environment!

All of this helps our local families to establish child care that works with their lifestyles and their needs. It's a great relief to parents to have a really excellent day care center in the neighborhood, and we take pride in being that cornerstone of the local community and economy, as families walk the halls of a center committed to high quality care and teaching, with all of the resources that it needs to function well.

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