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The Power of Open Communications

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

At Dream Big Preschool, our Orlando area centers are popular with local families because we understand how to run an excellent day care business on an affordable price model.

A lot of it has to do with the power of communications. What do we mean?

When we talk about open communications, we're talking about effectively setting up systems that keep your child safe, secure and happy each day when they are sent to our facilities.

On-Site Director Activity

One of our key tenets is to keep a daycare director on site all the time to interact with parents.

In addition, we have stellar individuals who thrive on the ability to network and interacting to keep everybody informed and engaged on a daily basis.

Have you ever been at a day care center where the top people are ducking around corners or hiding in their offices?

Then you know the value of an outgoing, gregarious person serving as a director at one of these sites. Some people have these skills more than others. We hire based on that so that we maintain open and effective communications and a model that really shines through to our families.

Publishing (and E-Publishing) Menus, Etc.

We also understand the particular kinds of information that parents are looking for. That way, we can create the handouts and digital references that help you get peace of mind and get your questions answered with a minimum of time and hassle. When a facility designs the right outreach materials, the director has to handle a lot fewer questions. That makes everybody happy. Again, it’s not because our directors don’t like to handle questions – they do! But having the information in the first place makes our parents feel more empowered and engaged with what’s happening at their child’s day care facility.

Take a look at how we structure our menus and make food information transparent – that's just one example of having effective, open communications that serves everybody – our staff and our families combined!

Proactive Communications

If you've ever seen a business where new changes are rolled out in a really subpar way, then you understand how that works. Something gets changed – then somebody has to play whisper down the lane to advise other people who don't know about what happened.

We're not in that mindset here – at Dream Big Preschool, proactive communications means that when there is a change, the word goes out directly to stakeholders so that there aren’t any guessing games involved.

Take a tour of Dream Big Preschool, knowing that you can leave your child here in good hands. That’s a big value for our parents who need to balance their work and family lives. Talk to us about any questions you may have about excellent day care around Orlando FL.

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