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The Best Orlando Day Care?

We’re simply the best when it comes to daycare in Orlando, Florida.

It’s a combination of having the right curriculum, and the right people. Our teachers and helpers are dedicated to helping little minds to grow and develop, and keeping children in a warm, welcoming and well-functioning environment. Those three things together make a big difference. We talk about this all the time as we brainstorm about how to make our facility and its work better for kids, and better for parents.


We also utilize the Kaplan curriculum with attention to five principles:

Physical Development

Approaches to Learning

Social/Emotional Development

Language, Communication and Listening

Cognitive Development

That allows us to offer a comprehensive approach to your little one’s learning, and to do more to foster your child’s growth each day.

We also pay attention to relevant Florida standards. Here’s how we put it on the web site: “Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards are comprehensive and contain age-appropriate information and reflections about how young children explore, create, and think. The Standards are grounded in Florida’s conviction that children’s early experiences are directly related to later success in school, in the workforce, and in life.”

That’s part of our philosophy of care and the way that we approach curriculum.

Virtual Tours

Get a look at our facility and staff up close, with virtual tours provided right through the Internet.

This is convenient for many of our families, and allows them to understand what they’ll be seeing when they step in the door for the first time.

You can also talk about any special needs that your little one has. A major part of offering better daycare is tailoring our services to your child's needs - we understand this and take the extra time and effort to make that happen!

You can find more on the web, too – browse for transportation data, and a food menu, and more.

Get connected to a great local day care that cares for kids! We know that it can be hard to find the right fit, so we strive to answer all of your questions about your kid’s care. Finding a place where he or she can grow and thrive helps families to feel confident going off to work each day, that their tots are in good hands. You can also read more about social and emotional care for kids, at our blog. It’s all part of helping families to access options when they have to plan for a child’s future.

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