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3 Big Principles In Daycare

What does it take to run one of the best daycares in the country?

We know a little about this, and as we've discussed the pillars of an excellent daycare experience, some planners put more care and attention into these than others.

That can help separate a mediocre business from a great one that fundamentally serves families! Let's review some of this thinking and how it contributes to your little one's experience.

Classrooms and Resources

First of all, an excellent daycare has to invest in resources.

When you see quality as you walk into a daycare room, you know this investment has been made. Sturdy tables and chairs, hookups for electronics, and interesting, fun activity infrastructure are three elements.

Beyond that, things have to be clean and well organized, which is another part of managing that physical component of the classroom. It doesn't just happen by magic (as our staff will tell you!) It takes work!

How much do daycare operators consider this practical component? Well, it depends. Every daycare center is different, but that's one thing you should look for as you tour, considering what it will be like for your precious child.

The Power of Teaching

Here's another place where daycare operators should put some effort.

Beyond just keeping kids in a controlled environment all day, the daycare center should have aspirational goals and ideas for curriculum and teaching that will enrich a child's life. That's a value to families; good instructors also understand this. They know it intuitively; they're on board from day one.

When kids go to the best daycare programs, they get actual preparation for kindergarten and what's beyond. There's a reason they call specific prekindergarten programs "head start." It's because the training and curriculum that you get give you a head start in life!

So that's also something to think about in designing a daycare center…

Positivity and Values

This is to be remembered in putting together a business plan for a daycare center and picking out staff or going over a game plan for a challenging situation (like a weather emergency, etc.)

At its core, the daycare center runs on positivity. This is not a business where you want people stomping in the door sullenly and doing the minimum. On the other hand, it's important not to overload the capable and professional staff who work every day for the kids. That happy medium is at the core of having a positive atmosphere in your facility!

For more, take a look at the rest of the website. Take a virtual tour, and ask us questions. Get connected!

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